Experimental studies of the formation of cluster ions formed by corona discharge in an atmosphere containing SO2,NH3,and H2O (submitted)


Removing the quartz window flange from our new reaction chamber

Boulby Underground Laboratory (1100 m below surface)

Boulby (at the surface)

Boulby Underground Laboratory

SKY I reaction chamber, Copenhagen

New reaction chamber delivered fram Kurt Lesker & Co, Hastings (August 2012)

SKY II chamber being positioned at CERN

SKY II chamber at CERN

SKY I chamber in Copenhagen

"Little SKY" chamber in Copenhagen


Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen

"Dårligt nyt", 18. oktober 2012.

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Aktuel Naturvidenskab nr. 3 / 2014 (80 års klimaændringer set fra luften)

Lundtofte Kirke: "Naturvidenskab og Kristendom" www.pepke.dk/VK.pdf

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